Monday, January 23rd - Oppose Silencers

Oppose SB 50, legalization of silencers in Chicago

Wednesday at 9am, the Illinois Senate Criminal Law Committee is considering legalizing the possession of silencers for all guns in Illinois: SB50, the Silencer Bill,. The NRA is making a big push for this, calling them 'safety devices' that prevent damage to people's hearing.
Currently (Sun, 6:30pm), there are 1337 in support and 258 in opposition who have filed witness slips.
Please do the following: 
1. File a witness slip in opposition of this bill (Why? Citizens can’t call the police to report shootings if they can’t hear them. This is critical for those of us who live in high-crime neighborhoods in Chicago.) Instructions below
2. Call and email your State Senator and tell them to vote NO on SB 50
3. Copy and paste this post to share it.
How to file a witness slip:
Log on to the ILGA Dashboard at
Click on "Senate", then "Committee Hearings"
Under the Scheduled Senate Committee Hearings, click on "Week" Click on the "Criminal Law" button (under view hearing details)
Click on the Create Witness Slip Button
I. IDENTIFICATION: Enter your personal information. Enter "NA" for the Firm/Business or Agency and Title fields unless you are officially representing an organization.
II. REPRESENTATION: Enter "Myself" unless representing an organization.
III. POSITION: Unless instructed otherwise for a particular bill leave the description field at its default value "Original Bill". Indicate your position by selecting the "Opponent" button.
IV. TESTIMONY: Select the "Record of Appearance Only" button.
If filing manually, complete the Captcha challenge and agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.
Then click Create Slip.

Next, call your state Senator and tell them to vote NO on SB 50.

Find your State Senator's number here: 

Thanks to Thais Fletcher and Jennifer Lovell

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