Monday, January 23rd - Attack on Choice

Tell Congress to vote No on HR 7

Congress has unveiled their latest attack on choice, this time it's a ban on federal funds for abortions, with additional penalties for private insurance companies for having a plan that includes abortion coverage. A basic overview of the bill taken from this site is below (find the actual bill here; there's no summary but it's the same as this one):

H.R.7 would do the following:

  • Revive the failed Stupak-Pitts amendment to the ACA, effectively banning abortion coverage in the new health system, even for women in state insurance exchanges who use their own, private funds to pay for their insurance. Experts have stated this could also jeopardize the availability of private insurance coverage of abortion for all women in all private health plans nationwide.
  • Impose tax penalties on small businesses that choose private health plans that cover abortion care, with the goal of driving consumers away from these plans. (Absent political interference, 87 percent of private plans cover abortion services.)
  • Permanently block abortion coverage for low-income women, civil servants, D.C. residents, and military women by recodifying anti-choice riders that reside elsewhere throughout federal law. Congress should be repealing these unfair and discriminatory abortion bans, not recodifying them.

The brand-new version of H.R.7, unveiled after committee mark-up last week, also adds these two new provisions:

  • Bans coverage of abortion services for women insured by multi-state health plans under the ACA—private health-insurance plans which offer consumers a uniform array of health benefits in every state in which they operate. 
  • Mandates health plans to make biased, one-sided “disclosures” of abortion coverage and force plans to mislead consumers about the health-care law’s treatment of abortion coverage. 

Call your representative and tell them to vote no on HR 7You can find your congress person's number here and then put it in your contacts for future use.  New to calling and nervous about doing it? No worries, I was a nervous mess my first time calling.  It basically just boils down to the fact that we all hate talking on the phone.  But they are happy to talk to you and don't care if you fumble your words or seem uncertain.  They just want to know you're opinion and that's all.  Just say:

Hi, my name is [your name]. I'm a constituent of congressman [your Rep] and I am asking the congressman to vote no on HR 7, the no taxpayer funding for abortion bill.  

And that's all you have to do.  The intern might not be up to speed up on this bill as it's pretty new, but she'll record your opinion.  They assume one call represents 100 constituents, so your voice is very powerful. Be heard!

Take ActionJosh B. Fox