Sean Casten for IL-6


Sean has an undergraduate degree in molecular biology and biochemistry and masters’ degrees in engineering management and biochemical engineering, which helped inform his career in science and business. In 2007, Sean moved to Illinois to co-found Recycled Energy Development LLC, with a mission to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the recovery of otherwise wasted energy.

As a husband and father, Sean knows that nothing terrifies families more than the thought of their health care being jeopardized by the massive cuts supported by Donald Trump and Peter Roskam. Sean will fight to restore health care to the thousands of Illinoisans who now risk losing quality coverage or who may not be able to afford it. He has committed to help keep Medicare and Medicaid safe for future generations and fight any proposals that would reduce benefits for those who have contributed to securing their retirement.

Whether creating clean energy jobs, working with policymakers to find win-win solutions to our problems, or writing about the important work we must do to protect our planet, Sean Casten has never shied away from big challenges. We need him in Congress. Sean is on our side and will represent our values.