Register More Voters: Boost the Blue Wave

Aggressive voter suppression by Republicans works in their favor, by decreasing voter turn out - specifically minorities and youth. Kris Kobach, the architect of Crosscheck, and head of the Trump administration voter suppression commission, secured his primary win with these tactics. Here in Illinois, Governor Rauner vetoed the bill that would have ended our participation in Crosscheck, thus continuing to purge voters from the rolls without proper oversight and concern for full franchise. All of this means that we have to beat Trump’s enablers at the polls by more than 6% in order to win. Every vote counts - even in “blue” states like Illinois.

Key Registration Dates for the November 6 Midterm Election

  • 10/9: Last day to mail - and have your letter postmarked - a paper registration

  • 10/10 - 11/6: “Grace Period” registration

  • 10/21: Last day to register online through the State Board of Elections website


Check Your Registration

Make sure you are registered in Illinois. A lot can happen to your registration since the last election…from moving or polling place changes, to “cleaning” via Crosscheck. It takes just a few seconds to check that your registration is up-to-date.


Get Yourself Registered

Chicago in Person “Grace Period” registration runs October 10 through November 5 at the Loop Super Site and at the 50 Ward Sites. Two forms of ID are needed to register in person for the first time.

The last day to register by mail (mailed with a postmark) was Tuesday, October 9.

The last day to register online was .October 21.


Get Your Friends Registered

You can use our Daily Action app, Amplify, to help make sure your friends are registered to vote.

It’s super easy: you tap a button in Amplify, and it will check to make sure the contacts on your phone are registered to vote. Then, it lets you send a text with instructions for your friends to register online. You pick the people you want to send the text to; personalize the message; and Amplify sends the text for you (no text charges for you!)

Don’t want to use an app? Share Indivisible’s online voting tool with your friends so they can get registered.

Indivisible Evanston Voter Registration Drive

Join Indivisible Evanston’s Voter Registrar Group at local events to register overs


There’s a LOT to do, but not everyone has the time. If you can’t participate in these activities but want to make a difference, please Donate so we continue to do the work!

3 Steps to the Blue Wave… 1: Register, 2: Identify, and 3: Get Out The Vote (and go vote)