AboutTell Governor Rauner to Take a Stand on TrumpCare


Gov. Bruce Rauner has failed to offer any kind of substantive comment on the disastrous Republican health care plan. TrumpCare would eliminate coverage for 650,000 Illinois families on Medicaid, increase premiums for middle class families, remove protections for people with preexisting conditions, destroy an estimated 46,000 jobs in Illinois, and blow a $40 billion hole in our already decimated state budget. As TrumpCare destroys coverage for working families, the plan gives Rauner a $6.6 million tax cut per year.

While other governors from his own party have the courage to speak out, Gov. Rauner continues his shameful silence on TrumpCare. Gov. Rauner should put the people of Illinois ahead of his personal $6 million tax cut.

Take a stand, governor, before it is too late.