Indivisible Chicago - South Side: Long Term Collaborative Projects

From Doug Bishop (for Wendy Posner and Esther Peters)

In addition to doing campaign work for the primaries, we are currently engaged in a number of long-term projects. Most involve collaboration with, or provision of people power for, allied groups.  We are happy to provide relevant information to anyone interested in getting involved in any of these projects. Contact us at for info.

•   Partnering with the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th for GOTV efforts and to educate voters on the record of GOP house member Peter Roskam via door-to-door canvasing and post-cards writing.   
•   Partnering with the 47th Democratic Organization in a large-scale voter registration drive for Cook County High School Students.
•   Partnering with Chicago Votes and other groups on a registration drive for persons awaiting trial at the Cook County Jail.
•   Language training and other support for Syrian Refugee families in our neighborhood in collaboration with the Hyde Park Refugee Project.   
•   Promoting implementation of “no money” bail policies at the Cook Country Jail with a local Criminal Justice Task Force.
•   Supporting local activist groups focused on rent stabilization and economic development on the South Side, including STOP and KOCO.
•   Assisting the Indivisible Chicago End Crosscheck team with the “Adopt-a-state” Crosscheck research project.

Jason Rieger