Our Mission

Indivisible Chicago, inspired by the Indivisible Guide, engages with public servants to create a just society by promoting progressive values and grassroots engagement


Our Values and Guiding Principles 

  • Resist regressive policies and promote progressive politics

  • Define and achieve long-term goals and strategies in support of Indivisible Chicago’s mission

  • Engage in evidence-based research and education

  • Support the development of experts on specific strategies and goals in order to maximize our success

  • Partner and support other groups who have goals that are aligned with ours

  • Provide rapid response to time sensitive issues

  • Serve as respectful leaders and be responsive to our individual membership groups

  • Seek out and include diverse voices in our strategies and goals

  • Look at issues and strategies through a racially and economically just and equitable lens

  • Hold public servants accountable when we interact with them

  • Look for ways to amplify marginalized voices

  • Act locally, regionally, and nationally

  • Employ democratic principles in everything we do