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Marie Newman for IL-3 US Representative

Marie Newman is the true progressive running in the IL-3 district race. She supports women's rights, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ rights, all areas where Dan Lipinski can't be bothered to represent his constituents.

Marie Newman is the right choice for the IL-3. She wins on message and when voters are educated about who she is. But, Lipinski has gigantic name recognition. Without boots on the ground from volunteers and phone calling, she will come up short against this conservative.

It's essential that Indivisible Chicago members from all over the city come out to support Marie Newman and help get her message out. 



Volunteer for Marie Newman

Join partner groups get the word out with weekly phone bank sessions, canvassing, and other actions.


HRC - Human Rights Campaign

Multiple events and locations!



Actions in Partnership with: Tech Student ActionSouth Side for Daniel Biss & Litesa WallaceThe People's Lobby, Reclaim Southwest, and others



Actions in partnership with: Reclaim ChicagoReclaim Southwestand others


Our Revolution - Illinois

In partnership with Reclaim ChicagoReclaim SouthwestThe People's Lobby, and others


Indivisible Southside 

Including events in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign


Indivisible Southside

GOTV events

Sponsoring Events for Marie Newman

Some of the organizations sponsoring events for Marie Newman

Reclaim Chicago

Reclaim Chicago is devoted to getting corporate interests out of government and reclaiming Chicago, Cook County and Illinois governments as a means for ensuring justice, promoting equality and improving the lives of ALL people. The Reclaim Campaign will endorse, elect and hold accountable elected officials who put the needs of people and the health of our planet before corporate profits.

Reclaim Chicago is proud to endorse Marie Newman for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District because Marie understands that government should guarantee that every person has quality healthcare and an excellent education, a clean environment, and a social safety net to rely upon in times of crisis. Marie also believes the government should protect people from the individuals and corporations that have too much power. Reclaim believes that we need to elect Democrats with a bold vision for the future, rather than those who would just tinker around the edges of reform, that’s why our leaders are excited that Medicare for All is a key plank of Marie’s platform. Marie also supports proven reforms that make it easier for workers to join unions, and she advocates putting workers’ rights front and center in negotiations on trade agreements as a strategy for halting the race to the bottom that affects workers around the globe.

HRC Chicago

As the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBT Americans, the Human Rights Campaign represents a force of more than one million members and supporters nationwide — all committed to making HRC's vision a reality.

Human Rights Campaign has endorsed Marie Newman for Congress over anti-LGBTQ incumbent Dan Lipinski and the March 20th primary is fast approaching.

Come phone bank with us to tell the citizens that a change needs to be made, by choosing candidates that support our LGBTQ community.
Join us to Elect Marie Newman. 

Marie shares our values & will fight for LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, & #reprofreedom.


The People's Lobby

The People's Lobby is a fast-growing, membership-driven organization devoted to organizing widespread support for public policies and candidates – including people from our communities – that put the needs of people and the planet before the interests of big corporations and the very rich. We train leaders to build bases in our communities, organize support for progressive legislation, endorse candidates and take direct action to pressure elected officials and other powerful people to put the interests of people and the planet first.

Our Revolution Illinois

Our Revolution Illinois/Chicago seeks to continue the mission of Bernie Sanders’ campaign by advocating for essential reforms and supporting a new generation of progressive leaders. Our Revolution Illinois will fight to ensure the political and economic systems of the state are responsive to the needs of working families. We are committed to putting human needs ahead of corporate greed; providing affordable quality health care and public education for all; opposing systemic disinvestment-- particularly in communities of color-- and the dire poverty it drives. Our Revolution Illinois is dedicated to building on this core set of values -- the values and agenda that electrified Illinois voters in the March 2016 primary and won Bernie 79 of Illinois’ 102 counties, 11 of 18 congressional districts, and almost a million votes.

Our Revolution Illinois is excited to announce our endorsement of Marie Newman for Congress in the 3rd district!

Marie is the clear choice over anti-healthcare, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ incumbent Dan Lipinski.


Indivisible Chicago - South Side

The mission of Indivisible Chicago - South Side is to unite south siders to fight for progressive values by exerting grassroots influence on our elected officials.

Indivisible Chicago - South Side is proud to endorse Marie Newman for Congress for Representative of the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois.

Marie is an accomplished entrepreneur and community leader who will bring progressive values to Washington. Marie is the only candidate who will fight for women's access to reproductive healthcare, for equal rights for the LGBTQ community, and for healthcare for all. She opposes big money in politics and will work to support small businesses and a living wage for working class families.

We join Indivisible groups in Brookfield, La Grange/La Grange Park, and Western Springs & Surrounding Communities in endorsing Marie's candidacy.

Northside Democracy For America

Northside Democracy For America (Northside DFA or NDFA) is a progressive political organization with a mission to make government more progressive by influencing the outcome of elections.

Democracy for America members are supporting Marie Newman in her race for Congress because Illinois voters deserve a Democratic congressional delegation that is as unflinchingly committed to fighting for abortion rights and LGBT equality as they are to standing up to any other racial and economic injustice,” said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America. “Congressman Dan Lipinski’s backward, right-wing ideology is profoundly out of step with a twenty-first century Democratic Party and we can’t wait to see him replaced by Marie Newman in the U.S. House.