Gubernatorial Survey

This November, Indivisible Chicago surveyed the grassroots about the Illinois Governors Primary Campaign. Those crowdsourced questions were then used for the Indivisible Chicago Podcast Gubernatorial Forum interviews of the five candidates.

Survey Overview

The survey was open from Monday, November 20 through the end of Tuesday, November 28 (before the first interview). To avoid any bias, the survey was simply five pairs of open issues and corresponding questions.

Members responded with:

  • 594 Issues entered
  • 499 Questions asked

Browse through the grassroots' questions, and view some of the responses by the candidates in these pages, starting with the Issue Categories below.


Issues and Issue Categories

Within the 599 Questions submitted, we saw:

  • 76 Different Issues mentioned (Progressive Tax, Gun Control, Education funding, etc.). We categorized those Issues into:

  • 12 Major Issue Categories (Economy, Crime, Education, etc. as seen in the chart above.)

Indivisible members asked questions on 76 different Issues, from the “ACA” to “Women's Rights”. We categorized these different Issues into 12 major Categories. The total number of questions for each category is in the table below. This shows us that there were more Economy questions (211) than any other Category, and there was only one Net Neutrality question.

The colors in the bars for each Category indicate the importance of the Category to the membership. This shows us that even though there are more questions about Governance overall, questions about Education are the more urgent to the respondents.

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