The Birth of a Movement

On Wednesday, November 9th, we all woke up trapped in the same nightmare. Somehow, this orange creature named Donald Trump had assumed the highest offices in all the land. Instantly, the 60 million Americans who had voted against him regretted that they had not done more to help Hillary win. Instantly, 60 million Americans cast about, wondering what they could do to help stop Trump. To not let this happen again. To not let this be our America. 

In the early stages, Facebook groups sprung up. Private groups that gathered like-minded people together to share stories and brainstorm ideas. But the only thing that anyone knew to do was:

  • Support organizations like ACLU, PP, CAIR, etc with donations
  • Support real news publications with subscriptions
  • Call your Members of Congress constantly


And so we did that, and they were all good actions. And they remain good actions and we're all still calling our Members of Congress constantly. For the first time, I have my Senators' and Representative's numbers in my phone. But what else could we do?  We can't call up Trump and ask him to stop being a piece of garbage. That's not really how a representative democracy works. We have to work through our Representatives; all else is shouting into the void.

Then, about a month after the election, a document came out that offered a way to fight back that made a lot of sense and had proven effective in the past. It was called theIndivisible Guide and was created by former congressional staff members. It followed the Tea Party method that had worked to unseat many Republicans back in 2010. It called for organizing at the grassroots level, forming small, local groups. Each group would work on their own representatives in congress, forcing them to act against Trump or face losing re-election.  

Shortly after, the Obama team and the DNC put out a call to action for people to form local groups and offered some instructions as to how to do that. It was the perfect opportunity, so I started a group of friends. My friends invited their friends and so on. What we have now is a grassroots organization that will be following the Indivisible Guide with three main goal:

  • Win in 2018 at state level
  • Win in 2020 (oust Trump)
  • rotect groups/policies targeted by Trump

This is just the beginning of a four year journey. Groups like these have mobilized all over the country and we are just a small part of the movement. Groups that realize that Trump presents a real threat against Democracy and that we, as people who love America and what it stands for, can't sit idly by as he tears it apart.

If you want to be a part of this movement in Chicago, read the Indivisible Guide and click on the Join page. Our Democracy is stronger than Trump.

The Indivisible Guide

Josh B. Fox