And now it's real

By now, we've all seen that the new administration has removed the page on Climate Change from the White House website .  They've removed the page for LGBTQ rights and Civil Rights.  They've replaced them with a new "America First" policy that echoes the sentiments of the anti-semite Charles Lindbergh.

I'm guessing you're as sick as I am.

But this is why you signed up.  You knew this all was going to happen, and so you joined this group. You joined because you didn't just want to bitch on Facebook or retweet Mark Ruffalo. You joined because you wanted to do more than share a Meryl Streep video.  You joined to fight Trump at every turn.

Tomorrow we march.  We march as a single, Indivisible unit and we march for all those ideals that were stripped from the White House agenda with a single refresh of a web page. We march for the marginalized in our society and we march against the hate and bigotry that is now the platform of our nation's highest office.

Then on Monday we will call.  We'll call our representatives and remind them that Donald Trump violated the constitution the moment he took office. And Tuesday we will call again.  We will call and remind them that we still do not know the extent of Donald Trump's Russian entanglement. And we will call every day after that, lending strength to our Congressmen, urging them to fight. Urging them to resist.

This is our fight.  This is what we signed up for. And we will win.  We will win because we are the majority and we are right.  So spread the word.  Get everyone you know to sign up and join you against Trump.  Send the website around and let them know about our meetings.  If you have friends in another state, tell them to go to and find a group. This movement is growing and this movement is everywhere and we need to get everyone involved with their representatives.  So call your friends and tell them...




Jason Rieger