A fire ignited

My family and I, including my three kids, took the Brown Line down from Lincoln Square and met up with about ten other members of Indivisible Chicago.  Dozens of other members of the group were also down at the march, marching with friends and loved ones. My son, who's four, was nervous and asked if all of Chicago would be down there.  I assured him, no, it will be crowded but it won't be the whole city.  Turns out, okay fine, he was pretty close to right. 

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And now it's real

By now, we've all seen that the new administration has removed the page on Climate Change from the White House website .  They've removed the page for LGBTQ rights and Civil Rights.  They've replaced them with a new "America First" policy that echoes the sentiments of the anti-semite Charles Lindbergh.

I'm guessing you're as sick as I am.

But this is why you signed up. 

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