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This is Kris Kobach

Kobach is the Secretary of State of Kansas and a gubernatorial candidate. He is an attorney for a white nationalist organization. He leads the President's sham Commission on "Election Integrity". He is a paid Breitbart contributor who actively pushes a radical racist anti-immigration agenda. He brazenly supports Trump's debunked claims that he lost the popular vote due to three million illegal voters and he has been actively working to take away YOUR right to vote for over a decade. 

LATEST NEWS (last updated Oct 23, 2017)

We're are in the news! Great pieces today by Ari Berman in Mother JonesKira Lerner in Think Progress, and Jessica Huseman & Derek Willis in ProPublica!

Today (Oct 23rd) we issued this letter in response to the letter the Illinois State Board of Elections sent this past Friday.

View all of the documents from our FOIA request, which broke this story open!


Send an email to the Board, using the below script, to demand we end our voluntary participation in this highly partisan program used to disenfranchise voters. Email To: webmaster@elections.il.gov and cc: tech@indivisiblechicago.com:

“I am writing you today because I am concerned to learn that Illinois has been sharing my personal data in a program that shows no regard for security and personal data privacy protections. Emailing usernames and passwords to access sensitive data, using servers that lack basic encryption protocols, and subjecting our data to exposure via FOIA requests are each incredible displays of negligence by the SBE. It's shocking to see that the SBE has been so careless with my data, which includes the last four digits of my social security number.

I demand that the State Board of Elections put this issue on the next Board meeting agenda and to immediately end our participation in this program before the next data transfer in January.”


What is Crosscheck?
And... Wait, Illinois Participates in Kobach's Voter Suppression Program?

Since 2005 Kris Kobach has managed the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck system and grew the membership of the program from three states to twenty-eight states - currently Illinois is a member!  Each year since 2010, approximately 8.6 million Illinois voter registration records have been submitted to the Arkansas and Kansas Secretaries of State, including names, birth dates, and partial social security numbers.  That’s right...Kobach has the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. The most recent submission was March, 2017. 

An analysis of the program published early this year by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Microsoft found that the criteria Crosscheck used to find matches creates millions of false positives:

Out of the 240,000 paired registrations that Crosscheck sent to Iowa, there were only six cases where it appeared that the same person registered and voted in two different states.  In other words, OVER 99 percent of the matches sent to Iowa were unlikely to have anything to do with attempted voter fraud.

When the State of Oregon left the program, its Secretary of State stated that “the data provided by the program was simply unreliable. Not only is it unreliable but it has been used by the State Board of Elections in Virginia and in Ada County Idaho to PURGE legal voters from the voting rolls!

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