Commit to Win in 2020

The Mueller report isn’t going to stop Trump in 2020. Impeachment isn’t going to stop Trump in 2020.

All we have is the hard work we put in. We are what will stop Trump.

We know this is true because it was true in 2018. We put in the work. We knocked on doors and wrote postcards and we won for Sean Casten in IL-6 and we won for Lauren Underwood in IL-14 and we took back the House. From the Governor’s House to the Attorney General to federal races, everywhere we fought, we won.

Take the pledge to do everything you can to win in 2020 and together we will make it happen. Be it canvassing, postcards, phone banking, or donating, together we have the power to restore sanity to Washington and create a more just and progressive country.

We will contact you with opportunities to influence the 2020 election despite living in Blue Illinois.