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Fritz Kaegi for Cook County Assessor

Fritz Kaegi has pledged to bring transparency, integrity, and fairness to the office of Cook County Assessor. Under the current system run by Joe Berrios, the tax assessment process is unfairly hurting poor working families while benefiting the rich and corporations.

This is your chance to bring about real change and strike a blow against the unfair and corrupt system that takes from the poor to give to the wealthy. It's not enough to want change - we have to fight for it. Do your part to help poor and working families while striking a blow against corrupt local politics.

    Volunteer for Fritz Kaegi 

    Volunteers needed on election day in multiple locations, and Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to help observe the voting process in Nursing Homes throughout the county.

    Join partner groups get the word out with weekly phone bank sessions, canvassing, and other actions.


    Indivisible Chicago IL-5

    Phone Banking with other Indivisible members


    Our Revolution

    Our Revolution actions in partnership with: Reclaim ChicagoReclaim Southwest, The People's Lobby, and more


    Indivisible Chicago Northwest Side

    Indivisible Chicago Northwest Side has endorsed Fritz Kaegi for Cook County Assessor! With Election Day quickly approaching, we need your help to push Fritz Kaegi over the finish line!

    Sponsoring Events for Fritz Kaegi

    Some of the organizations sponsoring events for Fritz Kaegi

    Indivisible Chicago Northwest

    Indivisible Chicago Northwest Side has endorsed Fritz Kaegi for Cook County Assessor! With Election Day quickly approaching, we need your help to push Fritz Kaegi over the finish line!

    Our Revolution

    Illinois / Chicago

    Established by people who organized Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Illinois, Our Revolution’s primary mission is to support political candidates who will change the perilous direction Illinois, Chicago, and America are headed.

    Fritz Kaegi believes that government should treat everyone fairly—not give special treatment to the wealthy or politically connected. The Cook County Assessor’s Office needs a leader who is fair and who will make assessments transparently, uncorrupted by influential donors. Kaegi refuses to take political contributions from lawyers or law firms who profit from the current opaque and corrupt system.

    Westside Democracy For America

    WestSide Democracy For America (WDFA) has a mission of creating an independent progressive organization that will work to elect socially progressive ,fiscally responsible,and ethically committed Democrats or Independent to office at all levels of government, with the goal of increasing the progressive nature of government

    Our organization is honored to endorse Fritz Kaegi’s campaign to become our next Cook County Assessor. We support Fritz because he brings a vision to restore fairness, integrity and honesty to the office as corruption, pay-to-play politics and nepotism continue to cloud the current property tax assessment system.

    For too long, minority communities have suffered under a property tax assessment system that caters to the wealthy and well-connected while leaving the working class to take on an unfair property tax burden. Under Assessor Berrios, we have seen unprecedented levels of systemic economic devastation on the west side. It’s time for a change.

    Our organization is committed to building the progressive movement here in Cook County by encouraging and supporting the development of more grassroots leaders, so it’s imperative to elect a new leader who will uphold the trust of the residents. We need progressive leadership in the office and Fritz Kaegi represents the kind of leader that we need now.