Introducing Amplify

The new Daily Action App from Indivisible

Indivisible Chicago is excited to announce a new tool to increase our collective impact. You can now access our team's calls to action via Amplify, a free app that makes it easy to act in concert with all our members.

To join our team on Amplify:

  1. Install the app for iPhone or Android ( or or download from the app store on your phone (search "amplify by civil tools")
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Enter the Indivisible Chicago code 144-244-344
  4. Take an action & cheer others on!

We all want to be in the habit of taking political action, but it's hard to do that if it feels like we're acting alone. With Amplify, we can see that our fellow members are taking action as well, and cheer each other on. You can view scripts and call members of Congress right from the app, and it will be easy to find our calls to action whenever you have a few minutes

Advantages of Amplify:

  • Tailored to your Representative. Numbers for your Representatives are provided and one tap will dial!
  • All scripts right there on your phone, with your Representative's name in the script
  • Cheer each other on! Finish an action, get cheered, and cheer others
  • Push notifications! When an emergency call to action goes out, we can push to your phone so you don't miss the next O'Hare protest