Right now we are building the Blue Wave by canvassing, phone banking, and sending postcards to identify and persuade voters to vote for progressives in the midterms. Join us, then come back to get those voters to VOTE

We’ve marched, We’ve rallied, We’ve Registered, We’ve Identified, now it’s time to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)! GOTV kicks off with the start of Early Voting (October 22-November 5 in Illinois), The more supporters who vote early, the fewer we need to track on Election Day. Still, that Last Weekend can be expected to be our busiest. Historically when Democrats turn out, they WIN!


In the last weekend before the midterm elections, we’re going to show everyone the power of the blue wave.

Commit to canvassing on the final weekend before election day. We will be getting out the vote for progressive candidates all over Illinois and into Indiana and Wisconsin.


Sign up for the most effective campaign tool we have. Groups of volunteers are working every weekend until election day, going door-to-door in key US congressional districts. You’ll spend a few hours speaking with friendly progressive voters and encouraging them to cast their vote. First-timer? We’ll make sure you’re paired with an experienced buddy.  



Phone Bank

Call voters to remind them how important it is to vote. We target key swing districts and call on behalf of progressive candidates.




National & Local Phone/Text banking

Ride to the Polls

If you can’t knock doors or make calls, but can drive, this is a great way to be involved.

Rides to the Polls or also know as “Souls to the Polls” has a long history of providing voters with free transportation to the their local polling site. This tactic dates back to the Civil Rights era, where so many people had to fight for their right to Vote (and in many ways still are).


Vote Early

Voting early frees up your time to help other supporters exercise their right to vote.

Chicago in-Person early voting runs September 27 thru November 5 at the Loop Super Site and October 22 thru November 5 at the 50 Ward Sites. Two forms of ID are needed to register and vote in person for the first time.

Vote by Mail

In Illinois, anyone can vote by mail; no reason or excuse needed.

Request ballot by November 1 Return ballot by November 5

Election Day Voting - Tuesday Nov 6

On Election Day, voters may cast a ballot in their precinct between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


There’s a LOT to do, but not everyone has the time. If you can’t participate in these activities but want to make a difference, please Donate so we continue to do the work!

3 Steps to the Blue Wave… 1: Register, 2: Identify, and 3: Get Out The Vote (and go vote)